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Sherman, I want to personally thank you for the opportunity to attend your concealed carry class for the State of Illinois.


I found the class to be very informative and engaging. I will definitely recommend this class to my Family and Friends.


Good Luck, and Stay Safe!

Thank you so much for the awesome training! I was always uncomfortable and uneasy about guns, until I took your class. Your teaching and training helped me understand so much about guns, it functions, operation and handling. You made it very comfortable for me to handle a gun.


I recommend anyone who is uneasy about guns, take Mr. Sherman Morris class.

Thanks so much instructor Sherman.  I am more knowledgeable than I expected to be from your class.  You are a patient and awesome instructor.   My class was  full (social distance)of my sister friends so I know lol.  I am happy to have my conceal and carry class complete and will definitely tell other women looking to properly protect themselves about your class.  

~Alumni DVHS 

I give this course 5 STARS...

My instructor Mr. Morris was Awesome and Patient.

My first time executing arm weapons, and I done exceptionally well!

Take the Course, you will be in Good Hands...

I had a great experience in the conceal carry class conducted by Sherman Morris.  He explained everything so we could understand it. Although a basic CCL training course I learned a great deal.  Range qualification was good as well.


One bit of advice if I may add is for the range portion. Have disposable eyewear and ear plugs. “Get your sights together”

I must say I was a nervous wreck but meeting Mr. Morris he made me comfortable in the class and also gave me more knowledge of carrying a gun. I was very comfortable when I’m and out of the classroom especially at range he made me feel as though I shot a gun before and how to relax and release I would definitely recommend everyone to go to his class why because he’s very compassionate about what he does and he takes it very serious and I love that!

~ Lakeisha Wise

Great instructor, gives all the knowledge you need to be safe and confident.

~Darryl Hall

This was a fabulous class to take, very informative. Sherman is an excellent instructor, he knows everything you need to know and then some. If you are concerned about taking the class, he will make you feel comfortable and guide you through it. Thank you for getting me certified!!!!


Hi Sherman,


I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed the pace and delivery of the information your conceal carry training!  You engaged with me and the class in a way that made everyone comfortable and "showed us the attitude" we should have when handling our own weapons.  As a gun owner, I now feel equipped  to safely carry my recolver. And I felt among friends in the class due to the atmosphere you cultivated.


I would strongly recommend your conceal carry class to others.  In fact, I already have! Thank you for a great experience!



Hey I just wanted to write this review in regards to Sherman Morris who was an excellent professor. We did both days one in the classroom & one at the range. He answered all of our questions about gun safety and also added some humor to this “tense situation “.


I was shot back in 2017 once in my head, & twice in my leg so I would suggest this to anyone who wants to be safe in the City. I thank you Sherman you’re a God send! I pray nothing but blessing on to you!


~Duriel Lyke

Well, I took the class and I tell you what, it was an amazing class. Shermon Morris the instructor was awesome.

I couldn’t believe how much information he had on the videos of a lot of things I thought you couldn’t do. You can I was very impressed with the knowledge and how comfortable and fun he made our class. He answered questions and was patient with those that felt uncomfortable making it enjoyable, upbeat and relaxing.


The shooting range was great. He was very patient with us all and made sure of our safety as well. Far exceeded my expectation.

Again Thanks Shermon.


I have recommended this class to everyone!!!


Thank You



Just about 2 weeks ago I took this conceal carry class. From the start, it was simple to sign up and get registered. I appreciated the follow up contact prior to the class date. The class was amazing. Small class size for a more intimate environment.


Sherman our instructor was cool, knowledgeable, insightful and made me feel at ease. Stepping into a class such as this can be intimidating, but it was such a comfortable and relaxed setting. Day 2 at the range was an even more awesome experience.


The assistance and encouragement we received helped our entire class pass! It was a such a blessing to take part in this classroom and range environment with knowledgeable helpful and dedicated people who wanted us all to succeed!





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